Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transformers 3 : Dark Side Of The Moon Premier Screening at Mid Valley


Eeh. Korang dah tengok Transformers 3 : Dark Side Of The Moon? I dah tgk. Miahahahhaha *gelak setan merah*

Btw, thanks to my friend, Arvin. Dia dapat 2 special invitation dr EON Bank untuk tengok Premier Screening of Transformers 3 : The Dark Side of The Moon (in 3D) at Mid Valley. And if I'm not mistaken, our group was the 3rd group yang tgk Premier Screening ni. The 1st group was Chevrolet, the 2nd group – Nuffnang and EON Bank was the 3rd group. Tpi itu apa yang my friend bgtau lah.
Apa2 pun, thanks to EON Bank jugak for the invitation and ooh, I got free a popcorn and coke too ;)

TAPI, tak kisah la group yang keberapa pun, but T3 is a Must Watch  movie. Tiket T3 pun dah mula dijual since last week rasanya sebab kalau nak beli ticket on-da-spot memang confirm xde. Di sekitar 'alam Facebook & Twitter' pun, sume dah mula post gambar ticket T3, and I was lucky sebab my T3 ticket was different with the others. Miahahahahaha *gelak setan merah* lagi.

Ooh, the movie?  Transformers 3 : Dark Side of The Moon was AWESOME. Sorry, I tak pandai nak bg review pasal movie, but Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) is super hot and she's hotter than Megan Fox. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime? U guys should watch yourself ok but watch out for the Sentinel.

p/s : I'll be watching T3 for the 2nd time soon. Can't wait. ;)


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