Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kak Ita Last Day

It's been a wonderful 5 years++ knowing Kak Ita as my officemate, sister, tudung guru, love advisor, lunch partner and best friend. Without her advised, I might not dating with my husband & without her inspiration I might still lost and not covering my hair.

Yesterday was her last day.....at HQ.
Ceh. Kak Ita transfer ke Puchong Branch je pun tapi bunyik macam dah berenti kerja.

Well, we might meet her again in the company's event or training. Lagipun cuma tukar branch ke PUCHONG je pun.

But, as her last day at HQ yesterday, we'olls makan2 and lepak2 together.
Konon2 macam susah sangat nak jumpa dia lepas ni kan?
I'm pretty sure that she will contacting IT Dept a lot after this.


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