Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Confession, My Addiction, My Obsession

It's been a year. More than a year that I've been addicted to this planner world.
Thank you to #planneraddictmalaysia & #myplannerbabes.

Naah, but not that addicted lah. Kadang2 tulis, kadang tak. Bila dah start menulis atau mendeco, boleh sampai pukul 2 a.m pun tak tido.
Tapi bila tak ada mood or time, 2 - 3 weeks page kosong begitu sajerrrr.

Jom, let me introduce to my 2 best friends : 

Love Doki A6 Mint

Bought this A6 planner from craftmatespage during their 20% sales last year. At first, I want to use it as a daily planner because the design (zip, pockets and size) just like Kate Spade Rosegold Planner. So, I waited until January 2016, and after a few weeks, It's not works so well with me. Then I decided to turn this A6 daily planner to my personal planner so that I can keep my personal details inside such as website password, budget, Cats Expenses, Home Improvement and etc. I will reveal the details inside this A6 Lovedoki in the next post.

Buy the Dokilove A6 Plannere here.

Love Doki Traveller Notebook

This was my first TN and first product from Dokibooks. I bought the TN from Craftmatespage and I was started writing a journal since my 30th birthday - 8 Oct 15. 
And yes, I love this TN so much. If you are TN lovers, but u can't afford to buy the original Midori Traveller Notebook, you can start with LoveDoki TN. It's cheaper. Even the handmade fabric dori is more expensive than this, but of course, you can choose the design if you want the fabric dori. But for a start, I would recommend the Lovedoki TN. Journaling with TN is easy and it will give you freedom to deco and very light and easy to bring anywhere, with cover or just an inserts.

The inserts - either DIY or buy online, its your choice. There are plenty of inserts available in Etsy. I love the inserts from MyPaperProjects, but never buy yet. Maybe soon when I put 100% commitment into this journaling routine (current commitment is only 65.5%. lol)

Buy the Traveller Notebook / Dokilove Travel Planner here.

Other planner 
Female Magazine Free Planner - December Issues.
I bought the magazine because I want the free planner. But until now, It still empty and I plan to use it for my TTC & Pregnancy Planner but still haven't started yet. 

I will start soon, I promise.

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